How to workaround an Azure Virtual Machine that’s stuck in “Starting” state

I’ve encountered this a couple of times and from experience, it’s usually either after any of the below:

  • Disk resize – in my case, I increased my disk size from 120gb to 200gb
  • Installation of Windows upgrades in the VM

Most of the time you can just navigate to your Virtual Machine > Support+Troubleshooting > Boot diagnostics which will give you a screenshot of what your VM shows on the screen for that exact moment. If this does not give you an obvious hint as to why, then this is where the “redeploy” feature comes in useful.

Redeploying the Virtual machine has worked for me 100% of the time whenever my VM gets stuck in “Starting” mode (not that I get this a lot). Please note, however, a redeploy usually takes about half an hour to finish. 🙂