Cloudflare Infinite Redirect Loop error

I have just recently re-imported my Azure web apps into Cloudflare and while some of them worked smoothly, two of my sites (domain & subdomain) did not. These sites went down after about 24 hours and was throwing an infinite redirect loop error, saying it’s being redirected too many times.

It turns out that the SSL settings that was automatically set by Cloudflare was “Flexible” instead of “Full”. Apparently, if your SSL certificate is set at the origin (and not with Cloudflare), the setting needs to be “Full”.

To change SSL settings, navigate to your Cloudflare website account.

  1. Open the Crypto tab
  2. On the SSL section, set it to “Full” (if your SSL is set at the origin and not with Cloudflare)
Cloudflare Crypto Tab
SSL Settings on Cloudflare

This fixed my issue right away and the sites came back up and running. 🙂

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