The element DataSyncEncryptionKey is not supported in Microsoft Azure SQL Database v12

Bump. Did you also get the following error after trying to export a database in Azure?

Could not extract package from specified database. The element DataSyncEncryptionKey_XXX is not supported in Microsoft Azure SQL Database v12.

I’ve had to contact Azure Support recently who were able to help me fix this problem. Even though there was no data sync setup for my database, turns out there’s another database on the same SQL Server that had a sync setup, which was causing this export failure. Here’s what helped me fix the problem…


  1. Clone your database
    Azure portal - copy database
  2. On the clone, run the following script (MAKE SURE YOU RUN THIS ON THE COPY):
  3. Export the cloned database
  4. Delete the cloned database

Another option would be to just delete the sync actions if you can afford to. Otherwise the above steps are pretty easy to follow and takes under 5mins (but obviously depending on the size of your database)

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