Does Optimizely CMS come with a native app development framework?


One of our customer success managers, Gautam Bawa, asked me this question today, and so I’d like to create quick blogpost on this for everyone else asking.

Short answer: Not out of the box, but you can leverage open-source mobile app frameworks, thanks to our new GraphQL offering. See below to find out more.

Long answer:

Optimizely fully supports delivering headless content to mobile/native apps. Organisations like Dolby, National Rugby League (NRL Australia), and Moco Food Services have mobile apps that pull content and/or catalog from the Optimizely CMS and Commerce solutions. How have these organisations achieved this?

There are atleast two ways:

Content Graph (recommended)

Content Delivery API (traditional)

Hope this helps. If you have further questions, please let add them below.

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