How to setup Continuous Delivery right within Visual Studio 2017

I noticed the other day a new section on the Publish page in Visual Studio that allows developers to setup Continuous Delivery right within VS 2017:

Visual Studio Continuous Delivery Screenshot

So I gave it a try and was honestly impressed at how easy it was to configure. Follow the screenshots below:

Visual Studio Continuous Delivery Screenshot

Hit OK and wait for it to run.

This might take a minute or two but you can check progress on the Output window in Visual Studio:

Once it’s finished, it will add all the links to get to your Builds & Releases dashboard where you can check the actual builds and deployments.

Here’s a sample screenshot of a Build Definition dashboard:

VSTS Builds Screenshot

Expanding on the build configuration it automatically configured for you:

VSTS Build configuration screenshot

You can also check your deployment configuration via the Releases tab:


Finally, you get an email! It’s automatically set to notify the email linked to your Azure subscription:

VSTS CD Email notification

I really like this integration they have setup. All it really requires are the following:

  • Your repository to be hosted in VSTS or Github
  • You need to login to VS using your Azure subscription so it can deploy to either an existing web app / new one