Cannot connect to Windows 10 Pro from MacOSX (Big Sur) using Microsoft Remote Desktop

I’m sure there’s tons of articles out there (I went through several of them but didn’t find one that solved my problem) so I’m putting this out there incase this helps people like me whose brain goes out the window from time to time!


I have an Intel Nuc with Windows Pro in my network, with Remote Desktop settings enabled. I have the NLA enabled (Network Level Authentication). I can connect to it via another Windows laptop by chucking in the Windows Desktop Name but I cannot bloody connect to it from my Mac.


This seems quite obvious in hindsight but for some reason, my Mac cannot connect to my Windows 10 Pro (Intel nuc). After much fiddling, I found out my mac just didn’t like the connecting via PC Name. So you will need to find out the Window IPv4 address and you use this to connect from Mac. Yep, it was that easy.

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