Can’t view Episerver Form Submissions? Check access rights…

I received a question today from one of our clients – he is an in-house developer who have just set up a new Episerver Form for his editors. While he can see the form submissions, the WebEditors cannot view the form submissions.


This was his original question – “I noticed that users with web editor group cannot access form submissions. Is there a way to give them access to view form submission in Episerver CMS?”


When it comes to access rights to content / data, the first place you should check is Admin > Set Access Rights. This is where you control who has access to which content.

Locate the content you’re trying to set access rights for. In this case, the form was located in the default folder, which is “For All Sites” > “Episerver Forms”

Once you’ve found the file or folder, make sure the correct user group has the right set of permissions. If the user group is not visible in this list, untick the setting “Inherit settings from parent” to enable you to provide access rights to other groups. Click “Add Users/Groups” and find your group (i.e. WebEditors) Once added, tick the correct permissions.

Make sure to save. Once done, tell your editors to log out and log back in and this should solve the problem.

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